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 The Rules (Please Read!)

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Age : 25
Location : Look out your window.
Hobbies : Drawing, Anime, Singing, Writing, artsy stuff.
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The Rules (Please Read!) Left_bar_bleue0/6The Rules (Please Read!) Empty_bar_bleue  (0/6)

The Rules (Please Read!) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules (Please Read!)   The Rules (Please Read!) Icon_minitimeSat Oct 18, 2008 10:26 am

Basic Rules~
- No spamming, meaning posting random stuff like "hsjhkjsjdjhdjhhd".
- No swearing, or you'll be immediately banned.
- No racism.
- No sexism.
- No harassment/sexual harassment and/or talking about sexual related topics. You will be banned immediately.
- Respect all staff members.

Posting Rules~
- No double posting! If you have something to say, edit your post.
- Stay on topic! Pretty much spamming also.
- Please post more than 2 words when you post. If you don't, it'll be counted as spamming.

Staff Rules~
- Do NOT ask to be a mod/admin. It'll only lower your chances.
- If you are staff, respect the members. We don't want fights.
- If you are staff, be active, or you'll lose your position.
- Only lock and delete when necessary. Don't mess around with the mod tools.

Have fun posting!
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The Rules (Please Read!)
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